1. Where are we located and how to contact us?
Click Here 6500 Three Notch Road, Mobile, Alabama 36619-2602
2. What should I wear?
Dress comfortably. We're more concerned with meeting your needs than focusing on what you wear. While some people do choose to wear their "Sunday best", our biggest concern is that you are comfortable. We only ask that you be modest and appropriate in what you choose to wear to worship.
3. What do I need to bring?
A Bible will help you follow along in both worship and Bible Study. If you have a Bible, bring it with you. If you don't have a Bible, copies of the King James Version are located in the Sanctuary for your use.
4. When do I need to arrive?
Sunday morning services begin promptly at 11am. Bible Study classes meet at 10:00am. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the service/class time to allow adequate time for parking and getting to the Sanctuary/Bible Study class.
5. How are visitors recognized?
The last thing we want to do is single you out or put you on the spot. We ask visitors to fill out a Guest Information Card and simply drop it in the offering plate so that we can have a record of your visit. We'll never ask you to stand up or call you out in any way. We want you to have a wonderful experience at Cloverleaf and we strive to create a friendly and comfortable environment to make you feel right at home.
6. How to become a member of the Church?
For information on becoming a member of Cloverleaf Baptist Church use the Becoming a Member on the CBC Menu.
7. How to become a member of the Church Web Site?
Answer: You must be a current member of Cloverleaf Baptist Church. If you are a current member you just need to register.

We hope you'll join us soon.